The Chromochord Project

The Chromochord in the media

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The Chromochord Installation

Excerpt of Chromochord Installation Score. The x's tell each of the 12 lights in the chromochord when to turn on. These in turn activate the proteins chemical reaction which is then turned into sound.


Photo: Andrea Bauer

After receiving a grant from the University of Chicago Art|Science Initiative Josiah Zayner (Ph.D University of Chicago, Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics, 2013) and Francisco have been developing bioelectronic musical instruments utilizing nanotechnology.

Their work has already resulted in two versions of The Choromochord. Josiah has applied his knowledge as a biochemist by engineering light-responsive proteins and developing hardware that measures the chemical processes of the proteins. Francisco has developed the software component which turns the interaction between the mechanical and the organic into music.



Promotional video and Presentation at the Arts|Science Initiative.